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New Logo!

In the fall of 2022, one of Scoops' most loyal customers, Greg Hatcher bought the store, and he didn’t want to change a thing! In an interview with The Sentinel-Record, he said, “I'll buy it, and I'm not going to change the product at all. We'll just try to improve little tiny things. If it's not broken and you've had an ice cream store that has been around for 20 years and made it through COVID... it's hard for an ice cream store to make it that long unless they have a really good product," he said.

Since then, Scoops has unveiled a new logo. We wanted a new look that is playful and colorful. "When I think of an ice cream store, I just think about the word, 'fun'", he said. Along with a new logo, Scoops now selling new branded hats and t-shirts. We will also have bags, cups, and pens that all feature our new logo. Keep an eye out in the store and on the website where you can buy our new merch. We hope you like them as much as we do! See you at Scoops!


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